Post-clustermempool package RBF: per-chunk processing

Post-clustermempool package RBF: per-chunk processing

Original Postby instagibbs

Posted on: November 27, 2023 15:59 UTC

The discussion revolves around the handling of transactions within a blockchain network, specifically addressing scenarios where conflicts or size constraints may lead to the rejection of transaction groups.

In one highlighted scenario, a transaction (referred to as the "parent") is considered acceptable on its own. However, when combined with another transaction (the "child"), the pair does not meet the criteria for acceptance due to the resulting conflict or inconsistency this combination creates. This situation underscores the complex nature of transaction processing and the need for careful consideration of how transactions interact with each other.

Another example provided involves Child Pays for Parent (CPFP) transaction bumps, a method used in some blockchain networks to expedite transaction processing by increasing the fee associated with an unconfirmed transaction. The narrative explains a case where a series of CPFP bumps leads to a situation where the total size of the transaction cluster exceeds the network's allowable limits. Even if a single bump within the series would have been adequate to secure entry into a block, the cumulative effect of multiple bumps results in the entire group of transactions being rejected. This illustrates the challenges that arise when attempting to balance the desire for faster transaction confirmation times against the constraints imposed by network protocols and capacity limits.