FE'd Up Covenants

FE'd Up Covenants

Original Postby JeremyRubin

Posted on: May 31, 2024 19:04 UTC

The discussion highlights the contrast between traditional signing federations and Federated Ecosystems (FE) regarding trust dynamics.

Traditional federations require ongoing active participation in signing, which raises continuous trust concerns. In contrast, Federated Ecosystems, once established through a one-time compiler build, do not necessitate such constant oversight. This setup suggests a more static trust model that could potentially offer stability until technological advancements, such as quantum computing, challenge its security. The conversation also references a related analysis, suggesting further reading for an in-depth understanding of trust mechanisms and their implications within these frameworks. For a comprehensive exploration of these topics, including a detailed commentary on trust and covenantiness within blockchain technologies, the referenced writeup can be found at This source provides a thorough discussion analogous to the current conversation, emphasizing the nuanced considerations necessary when evaluating the trustworthiness and operational integrity of different blockchain governance models.