FE'd Up Covenants

FE'd Up Covenants

Original Postby JeremyRubin

Posted on: May 31, 2024 11:37 UTC

The paper presents an innovative approach to integrating covenants into the Bitcoin protocol without necessitating a soft fork, leveraging a combination of Functional Encryption and Zero Knowledge Proofs.

This method is significant as it proposes a way to enhance Bitcoin's functionality and security features by implementing constraints on how bitcoins can be spent, which could have various applications including improved wallet security, inheritance solutions, and more sophisticated smart contracts.

Functional Encryption is highlighted as a key component in this proposal, allowing for a more granular control of transaction conditions beyond what is currently possible with Bitcoin's scripting language. This advanced form of encryption enables the execution of complex conditions for transactions, thereby expanding Bitcoin's utility and applicability in various financial and contractual scenarios.

Zero Knowledge Proofs are also instrumental in this proposed integration, providing a means to verify transactions without revealing specific details about the transactions themselves. This ensures privacy and security are maintained, addressing some of the critical concerns surrounding the adoption of covenants in Bitcoin. By utilizing Zero Knowledge Proofs, the system can maintain a high level of confidentiality and integrity, making Bitcoin a more attractive option for users who prioritize privacy.

The combination of these technologies could revolutionize how Bitcoin operates, making it a more versatile and secure platform. The paper, available at, offers a comprehensive discussion on the technical implementation and potential implications of this approach, encouraging further research and discussion within the cryptocurrency community. This development points towards a future where Bitcoin can adapt to new demands without compromising its core principles, potentially setting a precedent for incorporating advanced cryptographic techniques into blockchain technology.