Revisiting BIP21

Revisiting BIP21

Posted on: March 4, 2024 22:09 UTC

The topic of expanding BIP21 to support split payments is introduced, highlighting a specific use case where such functionality would be beneficial.

This suggestion entails modifying the Bitcoin URI scheme to allow for multiple payment destinations within a single transaction, illustrated by an example URI that includes two distinct addresses with corresponding amounts and labels for the main payment and a fee component. The implementation of this feature would necessitate updates to wallet software to accommodate the proposed changes in payment processing.

Further discussion revolves around the current state of BIP21 and its limitations regarding single-destination transactions. The proposal aims to enhance the protocol's flexibility and utility by enabling more complex transaction types without compromising the underlying simplicity and security principles of the Bitcoin network. This initiative is presented in the context of ongoing deliberations on the structure and nomenclature of BIP21, indicating a proactive approach to evolving the Bitcoin ecosystem to meet emerging needs and use cases.

For those interested in further details or participating in the discussion, a reference is provided to a social media post by John Zaprite, which can be accessed here. This link serves as a resource for understanding the broader context of the proposal and engaging with the community dialogue surrounding the potential expansion of BIP21 capabilities.