Who will run the CoinJoin coordinators?

Who will run the CoinJoin coordinators?

Original Postby real-or-random

Posted on: June 11, 2024 06:59 UTC

JoinMarket with Jam offers an alternative to traditional wallet interfaces by operating without a central coordinator, marking a significant shift in how transactions are managed and executed.

This approach underlines its commitment to enhanced privacy and security for its users. The setup process for JoinMarket with Jam, while more complex than some other wallets, promises a more decentralized experience. Unfortunately, specific technical details on what it uses instead of a central coordinator remain scarce. The documentation available at JamDocs does not provide explicit information about the underlying technology or methodologies employed to achieve this decentralization. This absence of detailed technical insight leaves a gap in understanding exactly how JoinMarket with Jam achieves its coordination without a centralized entity.