On consensus changes in bitcoin 2024

On consensus changes in bitcoin 2024

Original Postby moonsettler

Posted on: January 11, 2024 09:46 UTC

The recent discussions among programmers have brought to light various perspectives on the implementation of a new activation client for upgrades in blockchain protocols.

A notable suggestion within these exchanges is the advocacy for an activation client that operates with the LockinOnTimeout (LOT) parameter set to false. This recommendation comes with a strong opinion against incorporating BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) related to LOT=true, suggesting instead that efforts should be focused on raising awareness about the potential drawbacks of LOT=true.

Concerns are raised regarding the behavior of miners who may engage in false signaling, which could lead to financial losses. There's an acceptance that while such actions by miners might be undesirable, they are considered tolerable within the ecosystem. The implications of this approach suggest a preference for organic consensus and a cautionary stance toward mechanisms that enforce changes on the network after a predetermined period, as would be the case with LOT=true.

The discourse around this topic reflects the careful consideration programmers give to the integrity and autonomy of blockchain networks, emphasizing the importance of choice and informed decision-making in the adoption of new practices.