Subscript rendering in graph broken in Safari

Subscript rendering in graph broken in Safari

Original Postby ajtowns

Posted on: February 27, 2024 05:56 UTC

In exploring the behavior of a specific code snippet, particularly in relation to its performance in different environments, it is suggested to test the snippet both within a gist and on the live editor platform.

The code in question is designed to represent a graph structure using the syntax provided by Mermaid, a popular tool for generating diagrams and charts from text in a similar manner to Markdown. This snippet aims to define relationships between several nodes, designated as t1 through t7, creating a visual representation of their connections.

Should any inconsistencies or bugs be identified when running this code in the mentioned environments, it is advised to report these directly to the developers responsible for maintaining the Mermaid library. This can be done by filing an issue on their official GitHub page, available at this link. Such feedback is crucial for the ongoing development and improvement of open-source tools, ensuring they remain functional and beneficial to the community.

Furthermore, in cases where issues are acknowledged and resolved by the Mermaid team, there exists the possibility to manually update the relevant component within one's projects. This interim solution allows for the incorporation of fixes prior to these updates being officially integrated into broader releases or software relying on Mermaid, such as discourse platforms. This approach ensures that users can maintain the functionality and reliability of their diagrams without having to wait for formal updates.