Cluster mempool definitions & theory

Cluster mempool definitions & theory

Original Postby Crypt-iQ

Posted on: February 26, 2024 23:36 UTC

The discussion revolves around the application of the gathering and stripping theorems in the context of proving that (L_{opt}' \gtrsim L_{opt}).

The user expresses confusion about how these theorems are employed to support this assertion. Specifically, there is uncertainty regarding the role of the gathering theorem, which is relevant when a sublinearization is repositioned to the beginning of an ordering. This alone, as pointed out, does not substantiate the claim that (L_{opt}') is greater than or similar to (L_{opt}) since the ordering (L[p]) originates from (L), not from (L_{opt}). Furthermore, there is ambiguity about how the prefix stripping theorem fits into this argument, highlighting a gap in the user's understanding.