Analysis of attempting to imbue LN commitment transaction spends with v3 semantics

Analysis of attempting to imbue LN commitment transaction spends with v3 semantics

Original Postby t-bast

Posted on: February 8, 2024 08:16 UTC

In the realm of cryptocurrency transactions, a notable observation was made regarding 19 specific transactions.

Each of these transactions had only one anchor spend and seemed to be utilizing the output from an unconfirmed transaction in addition to spending an anchor output. While the exact nature of these transactions was not conclusively determined, there is speculation that this pattern could align with Eclair's operational behaviors.

Eclair's protocol, when dealing with the spending of an anchor, currently permits the inclusion of a safe unconfirmed wallet input. This practice, however, is subject to modification based on network feedback. For instance, if a transaction that utilizes this method is declined by the mempool, Eclair is designed to automatically attempt to fund the transaction again upon the arrival of the next block. The system is inclined to eventually use a confirmed input for funding, provided that such inputs are available at the time of the transaction.

The discussion around these transactions also highlighted the transaction IDs (txids) of the 19 transactions under scrutiny. Although these identifiers were mentioned, they were not listed in the context provided. This omission leaves room for further investigation into the behavior of these transactions and whether they are indeed characteristic of Eclair's standard operating procedures or indicative of another issue within the transaction process.