V3 and some possible futures

V3 and some possible futures

Original Postby glozow

Posted on: February 7, 2024 17:16 UTC

The discussion revolves around the evolution of programming framework versions, specifically comparing version 3.1 with version 4.1c.

The appreciation is directed at the nuanced approach to system topology constraints within these frameworks. Earlier versions mandated simplicity and small size to ensure speed, but newer iterations allow for greater complexity and scale provided that performance (speed) isn't compromised.

A particular point of concern is the handling of sibling eviction in version 3.1. Despite previous conversations on the topic, the issue appears to be a challenging one, especially when attempting support for configurations involving more than two clusters. This limitation suggests that while progress has been made in certain aspects of the framework's design, other elements, like sibling eviction mechanisms, still pose significant difficulties and may require further refinement to reach an optimal solution.