Combined summary - Mixer discussions banned on Bitcointalk

Combined summary - Mixer discussions banned on Bitcointalk

The Delving Bitcoin community has specific guidelines regarding the discussion of certain Bitcoin-related topics.

While direct advertising of products and services, such as linking to or promoting Bitcoin mixers, falls outside the scope of acceptable content, the forum maintains an open stance on academic and developmental conversations. For instance, discussing the underlying technology of mixers and their implications within the field is welcomed, provided it remains informative and relevant to research and open-source software.

A recent inquiry posted on the BitcoinTalk forum raises questions about these guidelines and seeks clarification on the stance that Delving Bitcoin adopts toward such discussions. The question implies a need for clear differentiation between what constitutes promotion and what qualifies as a technological discourse. It is important for community members and contributors to understand these boundaries to ensure that the content aligns with the forum's focus on research and development rather than commercial promotion.

In summary, while Delving Bitcoin discourages outright advertising of services like Bitcoin mixers, it supports discussions centered around the research and technology aspects of these services. The distinction lies in the intent and content of the posts; those contributing to knowledge and open-source projects are considered appropriate, while any form of marketing or service promotion is not.

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