Combined summary - Can we get a Lightning Protocol Design Category/WG?

Combined summary - Can we get a Lightning Protocol Design Category/WG?

The discussion begins by referencing an outdated page on mailing list mode for Discourse, noting that it was last updated over three years ago.

Since then, multiple threads have emerged addressing the need to replace this mode, culminating in the deactivation of the mailing list mode by default in 2021. For those looking to adjust their email preferences within Discourse, a new user guide is recommended, along with a generic link to manage email settings. It's important to be aware that there might be a delay in email notifications, which allows recipients to receive edited versions of topics.

Additional resources include guidance on using traditional email labels and filters to subscribe to specific categories or tags within Discourse, as detailed on the Mozilla Discourse forum. This method allows users to receive emails from selected categories or tags by disabling the mailing list mode and watching the chosen categories/tags while adjusting notification settings accordingly.

The Lightning-Dev Mailing List (ML) is considering migrating its discussions to Discourse, which presents the challenge of filtering emails to receive only category or sub-forum-specific information—something not readily available with the current setup. As an interim solution, the suggestion has been made to use the 'lightning' tag to facilitate topic-based email notifications. This tag-watch feature enables users to receive emails about new posts containing the specific tag.

For public posts, the recommendation is to continue posting in existing categories, such as implementation or protocol design, and to utilize the 'lightning' tag. This approach follows the precedent set by Fedora's Discourse community, which found success in using general categories alongside specific tags. If there's a need for a more focused workgroup on Discourse for the Lightning-Dev ML, details regarding membership and whether the group should be private, public, or read-only would be required to establish such a space.

Finally, the message points out a decision that needs to be made concerning the Lightning-Dev ML's integration into Discourse: whether to join an existing category like Protocol Design as a working group or to create an entirely new category tailored to its needs.

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