Cluster mempool definitions & theory

Cluster mempool definitions & theory

Posted on: December 24, 2023 01:51 UTC

The concept of a "directed set" has been applied successfully to the discussion at hand, leading to an interesting development in the form of an optimal linearization.

The existence of such an optimal linearization is now supported by the implementation of a merging algorithm, which has further paved the way for a more straightforward proof. This proof establishes the optimality of $\operatorname{opt}(G)$.

The integration of these mathematical concepts not only simplifies the existing framework but also enhances our understanding of the underlying structures. The merging algorithm, pivotal in this development, serves as a crucial tool in demonstrating the feasibility of achieving an optimal linearization. Consequently, the newfound simplicity in proving the optimality of $\operatorname{opt}(G)$ signifies a leap forward in the study of this domain.