Combined summary - Constellation - a high performance Lightning-based L3. Feedback wanted

Combined summary - Constellation - a high performance Lightning-based L3. Feedback wanted

The project named Constellation is designed as an L3 protocol to improve the user experience (UX) issues inherent in the first two layers of blockchain technology.

These problems include delays in transaction confirmations, increasing transaction fees, liquidity issues in channels, and throughput limitations. By incorporating a variety of protocols and technologies, Constellation ensures all funds at the L3 level are directly backed by funds in L2 channels.

Constellation's design introduces a federated security model enhanced by a ROAST wrapper around the FROST protocol, allowing for the generation of BIP 340 compatible Schnorr signatures. This approach distinguishes Constellation from other federated networks by enabling a network of interoperable federations or guilds, which manage dispute resolutions via Lightning. The trust model within Constellation is flexible, offering entities the choice to operate their nodes independently for full sovereignty or join a guild that aligns with their trust preferences.

At its core, Constellation employs a unique ledger system based on the UTXO model, diverging from traditional account-based ledgers. Each operator oversees 2^16 distinct partitions, enabling transactions to be processed across multiple partitions for efficient consensus and high transaction throughput while ensuring near-instant confirmation times. This setup not only surpasses the performance of Lightning but also supports seamless transactions across operators and guilds. Liquidity management is automated to rectify any balance discrepancies.

For developers, Constellation offers a conducive environment, supporting the development of L3 wallets that mimic the functionality of L1 wallets. This is facilitated by leveraging Bitcoin’s UTXO model and scripting language, extending compatibility to hardware wallets, and integrating features like offline sending. Additionally, it supports light client protocols for standardized communication with operators.

Despite its intricate architecture, Constellation presents a balanced solution that enhances financial connectivity without compromising users' ability to maintain control over their operations. This is achieved by accommodating the on-chain fee requirements associated with Lightning channel operations, acknowledging the compromises required but proposing a viable strategy for overcoming significant challenges in the current blockchain infrastructure.

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