DSL for experimenting with contracts

DSL for experimenting with contracts

Original Postby harding

Posted on: April 6, 2024 20:25 UTC

The discussion revolves around the development of a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for the description and execution of Bitcoin contracts, highlighting the innovative approach being taken towards enhancing the functionality and security of Bitcoin contract protocols.

The creator's previous work on employing PLA+ for verifying the completeness of these protocols is acknowledged, with recognition also extended to similar contributions made by other researchers in the field, as evidenced by the referenced work accessible here.

The inquiry further delves into the potential integration between the newly developed DSL and PLA+, speculating on the feasibility of automating the extraction of information from the DSL to augment the verification process facilitated by PLA+. This suggests an interest in leveraging the DSL not only as a tool for creating and managing Bitcoin contracts but also as a means to ensure their integrity and reliability through formal verification methods like PLA+. The concept indicates a forward-thinking approach to combining different technological advancements to enhance the robustness and trustworthiness of cryptocurrency agreements.