Combined summary - Future of the bitcoin-dev mailing list

Combined summary - Future of the bitcoin-dev mailing list

The Linux Foundation's mailing lists, primarily running on an outdated Mailman version, necessitate migration or upgrade.

Nostr is proposed as a replacement due to its decentralized nature, potentially through a custom Nostr Improvement Proposal (NIP) for relay functions.

Google Groups' interface is criticized for inefficiency and spam issues, prompting consideration of maintaining traditional mail servers. Nostr is endorsed for creating a versatile system with varied moderation policies across different frontends, as described in NIP 11.

Debate over email's role in public discourse has increased, particularly among Gmail users concerned about privacy and centralization. Email's decentralized attributes are valued, and a lightning anti-spam fee is suggested to encourage Lightning network adoption for Bitcoin developer communications.

Antoine praises the bitcoin-dev moderation team and recognizes Nostr's potential, endorsing temporary use of the Delving Bitcoin forum and suggesting other open-source platforms for reference.

Discussions include integrating P2P methods into email systems, broadcasting moderated content in blocks, and leveraging cryptographic signatures. Hashcash-based proof-of-work and Silent Payments are considered for anti-spam and security enhancements.

Nostr's limitations are acknowledged, yet enthusiasm persists for developing a relay system on it for mailing lists. Challenges in managing email servers versus nostr relays are compared, highlighting the ease of nostr maintenance and cryptographic advantages.

Running a personal mail server is suggested as a viable option for managing mailing lists, exemplified by Community members are open to setting up similar infrastructure for community projects.

The Bitcoin developer community leans towards adopting an alternative email service. Diverse communication channels, such as IRC, are valued, and the use of Discourse at is noted for its technical discussion capabilities.

An innovative anti-spam measure proposes a fee for sending messages on a technical mailing list, possibly via the lightning network. Custom software development and integration with third-party hosting services are deemed possible with API access.

Issues with the nostr protocol, like single-key cryptography and mirroring relay problems, are highlighted. Peter Todd's insights are recommended for further exploration of these concerns.

It's stressed that GitHub should not replace mailing lists due to the importance of cryptographic signatures for message authenticity. GitHub Discussions offers robust tools but lacks clear support for email interactions.

Two solutions for the bitcoin-dev mailing list are proposed: finding a new host or replacing it altogether. The importance of a comprehensive archiving system is emphasized, considering accessibility and non-proprietary data formats.

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is recommended for its strong anti-spam features and adaptability. Bryan Bishop acknowledges the usefulness of James O'Beirne's Git repository for archiving Delving Bitcoin discussions, and Blockchain Commons' use of GitHub discussions illustrates their practical application.

Concerns are raised about nostr's complexity and barriers to entry, favoring email for its universal accessibility. Matrix is introduced as a potential communication platform, with Synapse offering maintenance advantages.

Dan suggests Nostr for its resistance to mail server blocking and cost efficiency but notes missing features necessary for a smooth transition. Google Groups and are considered stable options for prioritizing email interfaces.

The bitcoin-dev mailing list is transitioning hosts after the Linux Foundation's decision to discontinue mailing list hosting. Public-inbox instances for decentralized archiving and enhanced moderator tools are recommended. The final decision on hosting will influence Bitcoin development coordination.

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