Mailing List Future

Mailing List Future

Original Postby Matt Corallo

Posted on: November 26, 2023 16:51 UTC

The recent meeting highlighted the impending shutdown of the current mailing list by year-end, prompting the exploration of alternative platforms for future discussions.

A variety of options were considered, each with its own set of considerations.

Google Groups was proposed as a potential host for the mailing list, but there are concerns regarding the ease of subscription for non-Gmail users, which could potentially exclude some participants. Another suggestion was to utilize GitHub discussions within the lightning organization; however, the adequacy of moderation tools on this platform raised questions.

Alternatively, the possibility of hosting a new mailman instance was discussed. One individual, likely the author of the email, volunteered to manage this setup under the condition that it remains fully moderated, which is not seen as a significant challenge currently. Despite potential worries about emails being marked as spam, especially by Microsoft email services, confidence remains that full moderation would keep this problem manageable.

A Discourse instance was also mentioned as a viable option. This could either be self-hosted or facilitated through, where AJ has offered to create a dedicated section for lightning discussions. The conversation on this matter was somewhat informal and did not reach a definitive outcome.

To address this indecision, it has been decided that a vote will take place at the next meeting following a brief, time-limited discussion on the topic. Those who wish to contribute their opinions or ensure their perspectives are represented may attend the meeting, scheduled for one week and a day from now, or respond to the current message. The author, Matt, commits to conveying any responses received in the upcoming meeting.