Project categories?

Project categories?

Original Postby ajtowns

Posted on: May 27, 2024 19:28 UTC

The utilization of wg- tags within the community's communication framework is intended to designate topics that are restricted in terms of who can reply, with these restrictions varying across different groups.

This system has led to some confusion and frustration among members who find themselves unable to participate in discussions without first gaining access through specific channels. Notably, the Silent Payments Working Group operates under a unique model where it allows public reading of content but limits the ability to comment or post to those who are explicitly allowed. This model aims to maintain focused and relevant discussions by ensuring that only those with a vested interest or relevant expertise can contribute directly to the conversation.

However, contrary to what might seem like a restrictive measure, the process for joining such groups is streamlined and does not require an onerous procedure. Specifically, for the Silent Payments Working Group, individuals interested in contributing to the discussion do not need to request permission in a manner that might feel like "begging." Instead, they can simply navigate to the group's page and opt to join, granting them the ability to engage with the content fully. This approach is outlined in the group's "about" post, which provides clear instructions and a direct link for those wishing to become more actively involved. The mechanism for inclusion, therefore, while initially appearing exclusive, is in fact accessible and straightforward, designed to balance open access with maintaining the quality and relevance of discussions. For further information on this process and to join the working group, interested parties can refer to the detailed instructions available on their about page and directly access the wg page.