Combined summary - Ortty: a terminal-based block explorer with a focus on inscriptions

A recent development in the blockchain technology sphere introduces ortty, a novel tool catering to users who have a preference for command-line interfaces (CLI) and hold an interest in Ordinals Inscriptions.

This tool stands out by offering a dual approach: an interactive explorer for those inclined towards a more hands-on exploration of the blockchain and a scriptable CLI for users looking at batch operations or larger scale inscription viewing and extraction. The interactive explorer component is particularly notable for its functionality that allows users to deeply dive into blockchain data with the added capability of displaying images directly in the terminal, provided the terminal supports such features.

Ortty is designed to enhance the accessibility of blockchain technology, making it easier for users to engage with Ordinals Inscriptions directly from their nodes. For users interested in utilizing this tool, binaries are readily available for download on major platforms, ensuring wide accessibility. The tool's repository and additional resources can be found on GitHub, which provides comprehensive access to everything required to get started with ortty (GitHub Repository).

To better illustrate ortty’s capabilities, screenshots showcasing the explorer feature in action have been shared, emphasizing the seamless user experience within the kitty terminal emulator. These visuals not only highlight the practical utility of ortty but also stress the significance of using a compatible terminal emulator to fully leverage the features offered by this tool. The choice of terminal emulator, like kitty, is crucial for optimal image support, underscoring the importance of the technical environment in utilizing ortty to its fullest potential.

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