LNHANCE bips and implementation

LNHANCE bips and implementation

Original Postby cryptoquick

Posted on: March 15, 2024 19:19 UTC

A programmer has developed a modified version of the rust-bitcoin-script, which includes an implementation of the LN symmetry script.

This modification allows easy access to the correct byte format required for script-related operations. The specific implementation details and tests can be found on GitHub at this link. While acknowledging that there might be inaccuracies in the byte counts within the example provided, the developer highlights the absence of support for IK, noting it as primarily associated with Taproot, thereby differentiating it from the script focus of this project.

This effort was partly inspired by encouragement from another developer, @cguida, who plans to utilize this modified script or a similar solution in the development of an LNHANCE CLN plugin. This collaboration underscores the utility and potential applications of the modified script in broader development projects within the cryptocurrency domain.