B’SST: Bitcoin-like Script Symbolic Tracer v0.1.3 released

B’SST: Bitcoin-like Script Symbolic Tracer v0.1.3 released

Posted on: June 27, 2024 07:58 UTC

The recent update to the BSST tool, as detailed in the release notes on GitHub, introduces significant improvements and bug fixes aimed at enhancing user experience and reliability.

Key among these updates is the improved display of execution paths within the tool. Previously, execution paths were depicted using opcodes with arguments, which could be difficult to interpret for users not deeply familiar with the intricacies of these codes. The new format replaces this method with a more intuitive display that outlines actual conditions defining the paths.

For example, an execution path that was once illustrated through a series of opcodes and arguments, such as "IF wit0 @ 0:L1 : True NOTIF wit1 @ 1:L1 : False IFDUP wit2 @ 2:L1 : True," is now presented in a clearer manner. The updated display format describes the conditions in plain language: "When wit0 :: [IF @ 0:L1] And not wit1 :: [NOTIF @ 1:L1] And BOOL(wit2) :: [IFDUP @ 2:L1]." This change is intended to make the tool more accessible by elucidating how different conditions affect execution paths without requiring users to decode the underlying opcodes and their arguments.

For those interested in exploring these updates further or contributing to the project, the source code and release notes are available on GitHub. The specific details of these changes, along with other enhancements and bug fixes included in this release, can be found in the release notes document hosted on the BSST GitHub repository (Release notes). This documentation provides a comprehensive overview of the modifications and improvements made in the latest version of the tool, highlighting the developers' commitment to improving usability and functionality based on user feedback and identified needs.