Bitcoin Core 27.1 Released

Bitcoin Core 27.1 Released

Original Postby fanquake

Posted on: June 17, 2024 15:15 UTC

Bitcoin Core version v27.1 has been officially released, providing users with a variety of bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated translations.

This new version is accessible for download directly or through BitTorrent, ensuring wider accessibility for users looking to upgrade. For those upgrading from an older version, it's advised to shut down the existing application completely before proceeding with the installation process. This may take a few minutes depending on the system, after which, users can either run the installer on Windows or replace the necessary files on macOS and Linux. It’s worth noting that upgrading from a version of Bitcoin Core that has reached its end-of-life (EOL) is feasible but may require additional time if data migration is necessary. Fortunately, older wallet versions are generally supported, maintaining compatibility across various systems.

Bitcoin Core is thoroughly tested and supported on Linux Kernel '3.17+' systems, macOS '11.0+', and Windows '7' and newer, ensuring a broad spectrum of operating system compatibility. While it also works on most other Unix-like systems, these are not as frequently tested, and using Bitcoin Core on unsupported systems is not recommended.

Significant updates in this release include modifications to Miniscript, RPC commands, and GUI improvements. Notably, the update addresses issues such as ensuring sanity in parsing TapMiniscript, enforcing maximum values for setmocktime, rewording error messages, and adjusting aspects of blockToJSON functionality. GUI changes focus on fixing fee bump transactions and refining proxy IP options. Additionally, there have been critical fixes in index syncing, build processes, and P2P network enhancements. The build-related adjustments notably improve compatibility and fix issues across several platforms, including updates for Qt builds and adjustments for building on SunOS/illumos.

Documentation and continuous integration (CI) improvements are part of this release as well, alongside miscellaneous updates such as changing Luke Dashjr’s seed URL and renewing the Windows code signing certificate. The release credits a range of contributors, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this update. Contributors like Antoine Poinsot, Cory Fields, Luke Dashjr, among others, played pivotal roles, underscoring the community-driven approach to evolving Bitcoin Core.

For further details and to report any bugs, users are encouraged to use the GitHub issue tracker. This release underscores the ongoing commitment to improving Bitcoin Core's reliability, security, and user experience, driven by a dedicated and diverse community of developers and contributors.