[BUG]: spammers get Bitcoin blockspace at discounted price. Let's fix it

[BUG]: spammers get Bitcoin blockspace at discounted price. Let's fix it

Original Postby GregTonoski

Posted on: January 7, 2024 20:24 UTC

The discussion surrounds the impact of equalizing blockspace pricing for different types of Bitcoin transactions.

A proposal was made suggesting that by standardizing the cost across all transaction types, native economic transactions would not be disadvantaged. This implies that such a change would be beneficial as it would not worsen the current situation for those who rely on Bitcoin for everyday economic activities.

A detailed comparison and breakdown of costs between two types of transactions have been provided in the form of an online resource. The given link leads to an analysis comparing the costs associated with segregated witness (SegWit) and non-SegWit transactions, which can be found at Comparison of Costs. This analysis is crucial for understanding the financial implications of the proposed equalization in blockspace pricing, particularly how it affects different users within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The intent behind this proposal seems to be a move towards fairness and efficiency, ensuring that no particular group of Bitcoin users is unfairly burdened by higher transaction fees due to the nature of their transactions. By considering the impact on native economic users, the proposal aims to foster a more equitable environment where the cost of transacting in Bitcoin does not favor one type of transaction over another.