Should there be a "Network Data" category?

Should there be a "Network Data" category?

Original Postby cdecker

Posted on: January 4, 2024 12:31 UTC

As a programmer with extensive experience, the idea of initiating a single blog post is proposed as a starting point to gauge interest.

If this initial effort gains enough traction, the possibility of dedicating a category to it will be considered.

The author brings to attention their possession of an extensive dataset, comprising 11 years of network propagation data. This dataset includes transaction and block hashes along with corresponding timestamps of when different IPs observed them. Such rich historical data opens up opportunities for in-depth analysis and discussions.

The offer extends to those who have an interest in exploring historical orphan rates or reconstructing the mempool historically. The author is open to providing access to the data for anyone keen on delving into these specific areas of blockchain technology research.

This potential collaboration suggests that there is valuable information available for individuals looking to perform a temporal analysis of blockchain network dynamics or understand the historical state of the mempool. It also indicates a willingness within the community to share knowledge and resources, which could lead to insightful findings and contribute to the collective understanding of blockchain networks.