Should there be a "Network Data" category?

Should there be a "Network Data" category?

Original Postby 0xB10C

Posted on: January 3, 2024 13:46 UTC

The proposal to create a new category dedicated to Bitcoin (network) data is aimed at facilitating the exchange and discussion of both unprocessed and processed data, including graphs, pertinent to Bitcoin development.

This initiative is seen as an improvement over the current system, given that it would allow participants to more effectively share images and engage in collaborative discussions. The need for such a space is evidenced by recent requests within the community for specific data points, such as the historical percentage of fees in the block reward and transaction volume by vbyte, which could be addressed more efficiently in a designated forum. Additionally, the sharing of relevant links, such as one from Twitter providing insights into Bitcoin data, underscores the potential utility of a centralized repository for information exchange. By establishing a dedicated category for these types of inquiries and conversations, the community can benefit from enhanced accessibility to data and a structured platform for discourse on Bitcoin's ongoing development.