Untraceable Taprootized Atomic Swaps

Untraceable Taprootized Atomic Swaps

Original Postby olkurbatov

Posted on: January 27, 2024 19:54 UTC

In the pursuit of enhancing privacy within cryptographic protocols, signature adapters and Point Time-Locked Contracts (PTLC) are being explored to improve upon the existing mechanisms.

A particular consideration is the use of multisignature arrangements in conjunction with basic signature adapters to prevent scenarios where a party could potentially claim funds from both outputs if they acquire a specific secret ('t'). This added layer of security ensures that only the intended recipient can access the escrowed funds once the secret is published.

The system is designed to be compatible with both Schnorr signatures and classic ECDSA, which broadens its applicability across various blockchain platforms. The concept has been practically demonstrated through an atomic swap between Bitcoin and Ethereum, showcasing its real-world viability. During this process, unique parameters were utilized, including a key 'k' with a value of 'b550385a62c0eba5a837ee11962e380818a50611caa1113e33a411528ebb193d' and a public key 'K' denoted as '03d39da41952d4ae038a49b693b313ec956ad80d9fc940dc5afedf86351e9fa930'.

The atomic swap involved four transactions: Alice first locked BTC with transaction ID '850e9258bf8b3bb280d32a647198d8024aece543dc283f7bfa526f4c0ceb1ab8', followed by Bob locking ETH with transaction ID '723919c0e8ec57d38792ec29b2cb82ee885b9fbbc886b34ff40fb5d3f7cc9b43'. Subsequently, Alice withdrew ETH using the transaction ID '47546191a7c99ec4a7ddc243d6ea75d345ab3aff0762e09dd2f537731bd484f3', and finally, Bob spent BTC with transaction ID '859dbfaa901d7106aecc8cb29966ede0c9d7a17c2cae31f4d420c1d770e9706d'.

For those interested in the technical details or implementation of such swaps, the demonstration code for these taprootized atomic swaps can be found at this GitHub repository. This example reinforces the potential of integrating advanced cryptographic techniques to foster more secure and private transactions in the realm of digital assets.