Aggregate delegated exit for L2 pools

Aggregate delegated exit for L2 pools

Original Postby jungly

Posted on: January 26, 2024 08:54 UTC

The email you received seems to involve a discussion on the development approach for a version 1 (v1) of a project, potentially a software application or system.

The sender appears intrigued by an alternative development strategy being pursued by a certain Ark, which involves removing script requirements typically associated with interactive cases. Instead of using these traditional requirements, there's consideration of mandating interactivity as a core component of the project.

The notion of excluding script requirements suggests a departure from a conventional methodology where scripts often serve as predefined rules or behaviors that guide interactions within a system. This unconventional method could imply a more dynamic or adaptive system that relies on real-time user engagement rather than following a static set of instructions. By focusing on interactivity, the system may aim to provide a more flexible and responsive user experience.

This inquiry reflects an interest in innovative approaches to system design, perhaps valuing user-centric features over rigid structures. It might also indicate a shift towards more agile development practices, where adaptability and rapid iteration take precedence. The sender is likely seeking opinions or validation on whether this approach is feasible for their v1 project, looking for insights into how such a system without traditional script requirements could be structured and implemented effectively.