zkBitcoin: zero-knowledge proof apps on Bitcoin

zkBitcoin: zero-knowledge proof apps on Bitcoin

Posted on: January 23, 2024 02:47 UTC

A collaborative effort has led to the creation of a new layer 2 (L2) solution designed to facilitate the development of zero-knowledge applications (zkapps) on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This innovation circumvents the limitation of Bitcoin's inability to directly verify zero-knowledge proofs by employing a multi-party computation (MPC) system. Nodes within this system manage a specialized wallet that keeps track of zkapps and, if applicable, their state without requiring knowledge of the Bitcoin canonical chain. This results in a streamlined operation, enabling the nodes to function with minimal computational demand.

This L2 solution offers the potential for enhanced security through the possibility of running MPC nodes within trusted execution environments. Thus, providing an additional layer of protection. The system's security is further reinforced by its design which requires attackers to compromise a significant number of nodes to breach the L2, due to a large threshold parameter.

Currently, in the testnet phase, the project is inviting reputable figures from the zero-knowledge proof sector to operate nodes and ensure reliable service. With this framework, users can now engage with protocols such as zkLogin or zkMail to securely lock and unlock Bitcoin within a zkapp using proofs, like demonstrating a login on Google or receiving an email.

For those interested in exploring this innovation, the command-line interface (CLI) is accessible on GitHub at sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin. This milestone represents a unique advancement in the realm of Bitcoin and zero-knowledge applications, opening up new possibilities for secure, decentralized app functionality on top of the Bitcoin network.