On consensus changes in bitcoin 2024

On consensus changes in bitcoin 2024

Original Postby michaelfolkson

Posted on: January 19, 2024 19:38 UTC

The discourse emphasizes the objective of scaling and enhancing Bitcoin for future generations rather than merely avoiding inconveniences.

It challenges the notion that individuals who are focusing on aspects beyond consensus rule proposals are not contributing to the advancement of Bitcoin, labeling such a perspective as misguided and even humorous in nature. The text further critiques the audacity and myopic mindset of insisting that others shift their focus from their chosen priorities to engage in a conflict over consensus rules. Moreover, it posits that achieving a soft fork through community agreement is considerably less troublesome than navigating the complexities and disputes associated with a consensus rule disagreement. This reflects a broader vision for the development of Bitcoin that values long-term progress and stability over short-term ease.