LNHANCE bips and implementation

LNHANCE bips and implementation

Original Postby reardencode

Posted on: January 9, 2024 20:34 UTC

The recent proposal concerning Oracle slashing is a significant development, closely associated with the advancements in simplified Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) that utilize Covenants via Transaction Outputs (CTV).

This enhancement is particularly relevant to the implementation of LN-Symmetry and its potential adaptation to LNHANCE. The core functionality leverages the SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUTANYSCRIPT|SIGHASH_ALL signatures, indicating a flexible approach to transaction signing that could streamline various processes within the network.

Additionally, there's an interesting aspect of CheckSequenceVerifyFromStack (CSFS) which can be employed for delegation purposes. While it may not always be the most optimal solution, it offers utility in certain scenarios. An example of such an application is demonstrated through script expressions like SWAP IF 2DUP CSFSV DROP ENDIF CHECKSIG, which hint at the possibilities for more complex and varied script constructs. The conversation suggests that there are numerous other applications and examples, though specific references are not immediately available.