Lightning Hardware Wallet

Lightning Hardware Wallet

Original Postby salvatoshi

Posted on: February 15, 2024 13:36 UTC

The Vanadium project, still in its highly prototypal and experimental stage, aims to significantly simplify embedded programming.

The developer anticipates making it reasonably ready for developers by the fourth quarter, focusing on abstracting away the common limitations and quirks associated with embedded programming across various platforms and toolchains. Despite its early stage, the project was presented at Baltic Honeybadger 2023, highlighting its potential and current progress. Although the presentation was not recorded, interested individuals can access the slides through a provided link or explore an earlier blog post detailing the development of the initial prototype at Ledger's blog.

The Vanadium project envisions broad applications, from enabling the creation of low-cost, personal security hardware security modules (HSMs) to running low-volume lightning nodes for blockchain transactions. This demonstrates the project's flexibility and its potential to make sophisticated technology accessible for personal and small-scale use. However, it is noted that running high-volume routing lightning nodes might not be viable due to hardware limitations rather than those of the virtual machine (VM), indicating the project's realistic assessment of its scope and applicability.