Mempool Incentive Compatibility

Mempool Incentive Compatibility

Original Postby sanket1729

Posted on: February 14, 2024 01:25 UTC

The challenge of achieving an optimal solution for block construction within blockchain technology is a complex issue that has been acknowledged and explored.

It is highlighted that the approach provided offers an approximate solution, where the disparity from the ideal block configuration is limited by the proportion between the largest chunk size and the overall block size. This limitation suggests that while the method may not yield perfect results, it establishes a measurable boundary on the deviation from optimality.

Further exploration into the efficiency of currently mined blocks raises questions about their closeness to the theoretical optimum. However, assessing this aspect is intricate due to factors such as transactions conducted outside the standard channels (out-of-band transactions) and the lack of uniformity in mempools across different nodes. These elements contribute to the difficulty in accurately determining how optimal mined blocks are, reflecting the inherent challenges faced in achieving and evaluating block construction efficiency within the blockchain realm.