Human Readable Bitcoin Payment Instructions

Human Readable Bitcoin Payment Instructions

Original Postby t-bast

Posted on: February 12, 2024 12:41 UTC

In a recent proposal highlighted in a GitHub gist, the concept of utilizing DNS records to simplify the connection between domains and nodes for lightning providers is discussed.

This approach is particularly advantageous for those seeking to minimize the operational complexities associated with DNS management. The method involves creating a single DNS record for a domain hosting multiple users, which specifies a blinded path leading directly to the service provider. This path could potentially be a 0-hop blinded path that reveals the provider's node_id directly.

Further elaboration on this topic can be found in a bLIP authored by Matt, available at this GitHub pull request. The document introduces the omlookup protocol, designed to streamline payments within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Under this protocol, a domain catering to numerous users would establish a DNS record formatted as *.user._bitcoin-payment.domain.. This record contains a blinded path to the domain's operator. Clients leverage this blinded path to securely request payment offers for specific users through onion messaging, enhancing privacy and efficiency in transactions.

This innovative approach represents a significant simplification in the linkage of domains to nodes within the Bitcoin Lightning Network, offering a practical solution for providers eager to reduce DNS management overhead while maintaining secure and efficient operations.