Human Readable Bitcoin Payment Instructions

Human Readable Bitcoin Payment Instructions

Original Postby MattCorallo

Posted on: February 11, 2024 01:16 UTC

The demand for human-readable names in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency applications is evident through their increased adoption in the marketplace.

Recognizing this need, a draft Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) has been introduced, aimed at standardizing the resolution of these user-friendly names into specific Bitcoin payment instructions. This proposed system leverages DNSSEC to convert domain names into bitcoin: URIs, which are universally recognized within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The draft BIP, available for review and collaboration on GitHub at, offers several advantages over existing systems like LN Address. Specifically, it provides generality across all forms of Bitcoin payment methods without requiring any changes, as long as they use a static invoice format. The rationale behind this approach is detailed within the 'rationale section' of the draft documentation, highlighting the benefits and potential of using DNSSEC for such resolutions.

The implementation of such a system would facilitate easier and more accessible transactions within the Bitcoin network by allowing any payment scheme that defines a bitcoin: URI query parameter to support the resolution mechanism effortlessly. This holds true as long as the payment scheme does not depend on dynamic invoice formats, such as those outlined in BOLT11. This proposal represents a significant step towards enhancing user experience and streamlining payment processes within the cryptocurrency landscape.