An overview of the cluster mempool proposal

An overview of the cluster mempool proposal

Original Postby instagibbs

Posted on: February 5, 2024 15:08 UTC

In the discussion of optimizing transaction processing, an approach is suggested that involves reinserting transactions (txs) that were previously removed.

This process would be executed as a post-processing step, ensuring that any transactions being added back into the system would incur either the total or incremental costs associated with their eviction. The premise is to maintain a conservative strategy where the cost burden is placed on the entity introducing the new transactions.

An enhanced proposal considers identifying a minimal subset of transactions that could be removed based on a criterion such as the Cost of Forgetting (CFR), which would be used to determine the order in which they are evicted. This method aims to reduce the fees paid by the party responsible for the eviction, providing a more efficient and potentially cost-effective solution. However, the feasibility of this alternative raises concerns about the computational demands it might impose, calling into question whether the complexity of such calculations can be justified by the potential benefits.