Raw markup icon for topics/comments

Original Postby ajtowns

The recent update has introduced a small but significant feature that enhances user interaction with posts and comments on the platform.

A "Raw Post" icon has been added, which users can find concealed within the options denoted by ".." located at the bottom of each comment or post. This icon is specifically designed for those who wish to view the raw markup text associated with a post or comment.

One of the key benefits of this new feature is its utility for users who work with LaTeX or mermaid source code. It simplifies the process of copying this type of content by allowing direct access to the underlying markup. This functionality is aimed at improving the experience for users who frequently engage with complex text formats, providing them with a tool that eliminates the need for manually extracting the desired code from formatted text.

Overall, the introduction of the "Raw Post" icon stands out as a subtle yet valuable addition to the platform's interface, catering to the specialized needs of users engaged in technical and academic writing or those requiring precision in their interactions with markup languages.