Ortty: a terminal-based block explorer with a focus on inscriptions

Original Postby ursuscamp

Posted on: February 1, 2024 04:02 UTC

A new tool named ortty has been introduced for users who prefer to interact with blockchain technology through a command-line interface.

This tool is designed specifically for those interested in the Ordinals Inscriptions within their nodes and offers both an interactive explorer and a scriptable CLI. The explorer component of ortty allows for an interactive deep-dive into the blockchain, providing functionalities to search for inscriptions. Notably, it supports image display within terminals that are equipped with this capability.

In addition to its exploratory functions, ortty facilitates the viewing and extraction of inscriptions on a larger scale via its command-line interface, which can be programmed for batch operations. For ease of access, binaries have been made available for download across major platforms. Interested individuals can access ortty by visiting its GitHub repository at here.

To showcase the capabilities of ortty, screenshots demonstrating the explorer in action were shared. These screenshots highlight the user experience within the kitty terminal emulator, which is recommended for optimal image support when using ortty. While the images convey the utility's functionality, they also underscore the importance of having a compatible terminal environment to fully utilize all features provided by ortty.