Aggregate delegated exit for L2 pools

Aggregate delegated exit for L2 pools

Original Postby ErikDeSmedt

Posted on: December 19, 2023 15:45 UTC

Understanding the correct calculation of assets in the context of suspected fraud is crucial for clarity and accuracy.

In the case mentioned, there is a need to re-evaluate the representation of Bill's monetary value in Bitcoin (BTC). The initial expression provided, (1+X)/2 BTC, suggests that an unknown quantity 'X' is being considered as part of Bill's total funds before halving it. However, the observation made points out a potential oversight. With the acknowledgment of fraudulent activity, the variable 'X' should be scrutinized as it may not legitimately pertain to Bill's assets.

The correct approach would involve a more cautious assessment that excludes any uncertain or disputed amounts from the calculation. Therefore, if 'X' represents a questionable addition to Bill's funds, the accurate measure of half of his money should indeed be computed using 1/2 BTC instead of incorporating 'X'. This adjustment ensures that the estimation of Bill's holdings is not inflated by potentially illegitimate funds, which could skew the true financial standing.

In terms of representing this in financial reporting or analysis, precision and veracity are paramount. It is essential to distinguish between verified assets and those under suspicion, especially when irregularities such as fraud come into play. By doing so, one can maintain integrity in calculations and avoid the dissemination of misleading information.