Tapsim: Bitcoin Tapscript Debugger

Original Postby halseth

A programmer has introduced a new tool named Tapsim, designed to assist with the testing and debugging of bitcoin scripts.

The tool provides a visualization of the execution environment that allows users to step forwards and backwards through the script execution process. An example provided shows how Tapsim outputs the state of the script, stack, alt stack, and witness as the script is executed. This can help users verify the correct execution of their scripts.

Tapsim is built on top of the btcd script interpreter, making it particularly accessible for developers proficient in Go, as it simplifies the process of adding additional opcodes. The tool already includes support for OP_CAT and OP_CHECKCONTRACTVERIFY, with plans for further expansion.

The creator of Tapsim believes this tool will be valuable for those working with Bitcoin script and encourages feedback and contributions from the community to enhance the tool's functionality. Interested parties can engage with the project on its GitHub page, where they can also find more information about the tool and its usage.