LRC-20: Scalable and Fast Tokenization on Lightning

LRC-20: Scalable and Fast Tokenization on Lightning

Original Postby akitamia

Posted on: April 17, 2024 13:42 UTC

The LRC-20 standard introduces a method for integrating additional data into Bitcoin transactions through the modification of public keys in Bitcoin outputs.

This technique offers a new, streamlined, and efficient way for the issuance and transfer of tokenized assets on both Bitcoin and its Lightning Network. The approach is characterized by its simplicity and the standardization of the key-tweaking process, which facilitates the easy migration of LRC-20 tokens to the Lightning Network. This migration promises to enhance the speed and reduce the costs associated with LRC-20 transactions.

Furthermore, the LRC-20 standard incorporates privacy features that allow for the blinding of transaction amounts, offering users an additional layer of privacy. It also provides issuers with the option to freeze tokens, granting them control over the asset under specific circumstances. The implementation and communication of LRC-20 transactions occur on a peer-to-peer layer, where nodes are responsible for recognizing and validating these transactions. This decentralized approach ensures that the system remains robust and secure. For more detailed information or to get involved, one can visit the project’s GitHub page at