libsecp256k1 v0.5.0 released

libsecp256k1 v0.5.0 released

Original Postby Tim Ruffing

Posted on: May 6, 2024 17:35 UTC

The recent release of version 0.5.0 for libsecp256k1 marks a significant update, which can be viewed in detail on their GitHub page here.

This update introduces algorithmic enhancements that notably improve the efficiency of key generation and signing processes. These optimizations are not only about performance but also include a reduction in the binary size, a change expected to be particularly advantageous for embedded system users. Additionally, this version debuts a new function designed to sort public keys, expanding the library's utility. For those interested in exploring the exhaustive list of modifications and improvements, the project's provides comprehensive insights and is accessible here. This latest version promises to offer significant benefits to its users by delivering improved performance alongside reduced resource consumption.