Utreexod beta release

Utreexod beta release

Original Postby Calvin Kim

Posted on: May 7, 2024 10:33 UTC

Utreexod introduces a full node implementation that integrates Utreexo accumulator support, aiming to enhance the efficiency and functionality of blockchain interactions.

This development features an improved deletion algorithm based on the original Utreexo paper, which is instrumental in optimizing the performance of accumulators. Additionally, it incorporates an efficient peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction relay mechanism that includes caching capabilities for utreexo proofs related to mempool transactions. A significant advancement is the implementation of the AssumeUtreexo feature, which facilitates a quicker synchronization with the blockchain's current state. Moreover, Utreexod is equipped with built-in wallet support, utilizing the BDK wallet framework, and offers compatibility with Electrum personal servers to extend its utility to a broader range of wallets.

It's critical to acknowledge that Utreexod's code and protocol have not undergone peer review, thereby advising caution against its use in production environments or with substantial Bitcoin transactions due to potential risks. Users should anticipate breaking changes and the necessity for frequent updates during its early stages of public testing. Originating from the btcd project (btcsuite/btcd), a Bitcoin node implementation written in Go, Utreexod might face consensus issues either from inherited btcd bugs or unforeseen Bitcoin Core discrepancies. The network's nascent stage means a scarcity of Utreexo nodes, possibly delaying synchronization processes. To ameliorate this, users are encouraged to operate archival or bridge nodes, with guidance available on the project's GitHub page (utreexo/utreexod). Instructions for running such nodes and accessing prebuilt binaries for various operating systems are provided to facilitate participation and support of the network.

Gratitude is expressed towards HRF for their financial support of the project, highlighting the importance of funding in achieving developmental milestones. Acknowledgment is also extended to the contributors who played pivotal roles in this release, including Aaron Chew, Aarush Bhat, Dan Cline, Davidson Souza, devrandom, Dipto Chakrabarty, Evan Lin, Janus Troelsen, João Dias, Matt Drollette, Neha Narula, Niklas Goëgge, Rueben DeLeon, Sebastian Falbesoner, Tadge Dryja, Thebora Kompanioni, tnakagawa, and yyforyongyu, whose collective efforts were crucial in bringing Utreexod to fruition.