A Fool's Errand or should I try?

A Fool's Errand or should I try?

Original Postby Fractal Encrypt

Posted on: May 6, 2024 23:51 UTC

Understanding the functionality and application of getrawtransaction with a verbosity level of 2 reveals its utility for transactions that are already in the mempool or have been confirmed in a block.

This command is specifically designed to provide detailed information about such transactions, including their raw transaction data. The question arises whether this command can be applied to transactions before they are broadcasted to the network, which seems to be an area of uncertainty. The confusion extends to the gettransaction command, which, according to the query, does not seem to align perfectly with the user's needs or expectations. It's suggested that there might be a gap in understanding or a potential oversight regarding the capabilities or intended use case of these commands as per the provided documentation. This scenario highlights the complexities and nuances of navigating Bitcoin's RPC documentation and understanding the precise functionalities of specific commands within the blockchain's ecosystem.