Overview of anti-covert-channel signing techniques

Overview of anti-covert-channel signing techniques

Original Postby Tim Ruffing

Posted on: March 22, 2020 15:38 UTC

In an email conversation between Russell O'Connor and Tim, they discussed the importance of addressing both the pubkey and signature issues.

While Russell agreed that both issues needed to be addressed, he believed that the issues surrounding the proposed non-deterministic signature scheme were more severe. He argued that this proposal would move them from a deterministic scheme where spot checks are possible, to a non-deterministic scheme where spot checks are impossible. Russell's hope was to standardize a scheme that had the advantages of non-determinism without the threat of covert channels.Tim agreed that both issues should be addressed and suggested that now that there is a proposal for Schnorr signatures, it's a good time to work on these issues. The email conversation concluded with an agreement that both issues need to be fully addressed and that working towards a standardized scheme that balances the benefits of non-determinism with security concerns is important moving forward.