Proposing a P2QRH BIP towards a quantum resistant soft fork

Proposing a P2QRH BIP towards a quantum resistant soft fork

Original Postby Hunter Beast

Posted on: June 8, 2024 21:04 UTC

The proposal discusses the necessity of adding quantum resistance to Bitcoin through the introduction of a new signature algorithm, highlighting the importance of early action due to the slow nature of Bitcoin development and activation processes.

It is motivated by the emerging threat posed by quantum computing technology, which could potentially compromise the security of Bitcoin in the future. The document underlines the urgency for those concerned with Bitcoin's long-term viability to consider this quantum resistance as not just a possibility but an essential step forward.

This initiative is introduced as the beginning of a series of Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) focused on the hypothetical "QuBit" soft fork aimed at safeguarding Bitcoin against quantum vulnerabilities. The current document serves as an initial draft, open for validation and feedback from the community. It seeks to engage developers and stakeholders in a dialogue about the feasibility, necessary amendments, or the overall value of pursuing such a quantum-resistant framework at this juncture. The proposer emphasizes the need for concrete solutions over mere acknowledgment of the problem, aiming to spur proactive development efforts within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The BIP draft is accessible for review and input, marking a call to action for the community to weigh in on its direction and viability. This participatory approach ensures that the proposal is refined and aligned with the broader objectives and technical standards of the Bitcoin network. The inclusion of a link (BIP Draft) allows interested parties to directly access, assess, and contribute to the evolving discussion, ensuring transparency and collaborative progress toward enhancing Bitcoin's defences against quantum computing threats.