v0.1.0 (pre-alpha) joinstr electrum plugin

v0.1.0 (pre-alpha) joinstr electrum plugin

Original Postby /dev /fd0

Posted on: June 8, 2024 17:48 UTC

A pre-alpha release of a new electrum plugin designed to facilitate the joinstr protocol has been announced.

The joinstr protocol is an innovative approach for executing coinjoin transactions leveraging the nostr platform, aiming at enhancing privacy within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Detailed information about the protocol can be found in the Network Improvement Proposal (NIP) available on GitLab. This document provides essential details such as the hash, a brief description of the implementation, the display name, a download URL for the plugin, the author's information, the software license (MIT), and the current version (0.1.0).

Additionally, release notes have been shared to outline the specifics of this pre-alpha version, accessible through this link. For those interested in a deeper understanding or looking to contribute feedback, comprehensive documentation has been made available at The creators welcome and encourage the Bitcoin developer community to review the code, peruse the documentation, and test the plugin, signaling an open approach to development and refinement based on user input.