Combined summary - BIP number request for wallet policies

Combined summary - BIP number request for wallet policies

The Bitcoin community is currently observing the progression of a proposed standard for hardware signing devices, which has been in practical use by major providers including Ledger, BitBox02, and Jade.

Initiated by Salvatore Ingala around eighteen months ago, this wallet policy standard is yet to receive formal recognition in the form of a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) number. Despite being widely adopted in production, the proposal's official status remains pending in the BIPs repository.

Antoine Poinsot, the author of the proposal, has been awaiting a response from the BIP editors for over a year since the initial pull request for a BIP number was submitted. The lack of assignment or feedback after multiple follow-ups has raised concerns among those involved in the development. This delay hinders the formalization of a standard that is already deemed essential by the industry. Poinsot and other contributors are eager for guidance from the BIP editors to understand their expectations better and to align with the requirements for formal acceptance.

This situation underscores a larger issue regarding the process of managing and implementing improvements within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The current impasse calls attention to the necessity for a more efficient, responsive, and transparent system for handling such proposals. A system that offers clearer communication and support could significantly benefit the community, especially those dedicated to enhancing the Bitcoin infrastructure. Moreover, the recent assignment of a BIP number, BIP 388, as mentioned by Michael Folkson, may represent a step towards resolving these procedural bottlenecks and ensuring that contributors like Poinsot receive the recognition and direction needed to uphold the ongoing development and standardization efforts in the Bitcoin space.

For those interested in further details about Bitcoin and its ongoing developments, educational resources are available at Port of Bitcoin.

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