Full-RBF Peering Bitcoin Core v26.0 Released

Original Postby Peter Todd

Posted on: January 20, 2024 21:33 UTC

The recent release of Bitcoin Core v26.0 incorporates significant enhancements, particularly the integration of Antoine Riard's full-RBF (Replace-By-Fee) peering code.

This upgrade serves a dual purpose for nodes that operate with full-RBF functionality. Primarily, when the configuration is set to mempoolfullrbf=1, these nodes now broadcast a FULL_RBF service bit, signaling their ability to handle full-RBF transactions. Additionally, nodes configured in this manner will actively seek out and establish connections with four peers that also support the FULL_RBF service. This strategic connectivity aims to create a robust network of nodes that can reliably propagate full-RBF transaction replacements throughout the system.

The implementation of full-RBF is not required across the entire Bitcoin network; rather, it would be beneficial if an increased number of users choose to adopt this feature. To better understand the rationale behind running a node with full-RBF capability and its potential benefits for the network, one can refer to a detailed explanation available on Peter Todd's blog at

Peter Todd has already taken the initiative to operate several nodes with the new v26.0 software, enabling the v2transport=1 setting to further enhance network operations. The source code for this updated version of Bitcoin Core is accessible through GitHub at, enabling interested parties to download, review, and run the latest iteration of the software. For those who wish to contribute to the strengthening of the network by running full-RBF nodes, following the provided instructions and configurations is recommended.