Introducing a version field to BIP39 mnemonic phrases

Introducing a version field to BIP39 mnemonic phrases

Original Postby Leslie

Posted on: January 13, 2024 17:06 UTC

The correspondence from Leslie addresses a proposed enhancement within the scope of cryptocurrency wallet features.

The proposal is not designed to encompass every potential use case but rather focuses on introducing new functionalities in a manner that remains backward-compatible, specifically with BIP39. An example of such a feature is the inclusion of a wallet's birthdate.

Leslie requests Pavol to provide references to prior attempts at similar enhancements, expressing an interest in understanding the reasons behind their lack of success. There's an acknowledgment of the constraints posed by striving for compatibility with BIP39, which includes certain limitations that cannot be circumvented due to the nature of BIP39's structure and design.

Despite these limitations, Leslie notes that there is a provision within the proposal—a 24-bit general purpose field—that ensures against false positives, thereby safeguarding the integrity of existing BIP39 mnemonics. Additionally, the proposal will likely maintain the mnemonic phrase length stipulated by BIP39, which dictates that phrases should range from 12 to 24 words. This consideration is indicative of the emphasis placed on compatibility as a primary objective of the proposal.

Leslie concludes by affirming the retention of compatibility with existing standards while attempting to innovate and expand the feature set of cryptocurrency wallets. The email includes a reference link, presumably offering additional information or substantiating the claims made in the message.