Ordinal Inscription Size Limits

Ordinal Inscription Size Limits

Original Postby Brad Morrison

Posted on: January 1, 2024 13:33 UTC

In a recent discussion between Brad and Erik, the topic of Bitcoin's position as a payment system in comparison to traditional credit card processing was at the forefront.

The dialogue acknowledged the effectiveness of fees in controlling spam but pointed out that Bitcoin has not yet achieved a level of payments usage that competes with credit card systems, especially concerning transaction fees. In the United States, major companies such as UBER, Lyft, and various utilities process an immense number of transactions via credit cards, but these are seldom completed in Bitcoin.

Brad suggests that one way to encourage larger businesses to adopt Bitcoin for more significant transaction volumes is by focusing on reducing fees. He proposes that increasing the block size tenfold could be the simplest strategy to lower transaction costs, which might incentivize these businesses to consider Bitcoin as a viable payments option. This suggestion highlights the ongoing conversation within the Bitcoin development community about how to scale the network effectively to accommodate a higher number of transactions while maintaining low fees to remain competitive with established payment processors.